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 If we ask any surfer what is their favorite surf workout, certainly that most of them will answer surfing for itself.

However, even that spending 45 minutes doing surf workouts can ́t be compared with the pleasure of sliding a salt wave, doing it could help your surfing getting better.

Whether you are about to start your surfing lessons or want to improve your physical for when you get back to the waves, cross-training is a great way to up your fitness and improve your surfing.

Because of that, let’s list here five simple Surf workouts you can do to keep yourself fit while you are out of the water!



1 Surf Workout – Squat Jumps 3 * 10 reps

This Surf workout is a relatively simple exercise that can add tons of power to your game. As surfers, we need tons of low body power. There are great benefits in the landing portion of the squat jump, as well. As surfers, we are exposed to free falling from heights that require strong and stable hips, knees, and ankles to protect us upon impact.


surf workout surf tranning

 2 Surf Workout – Burpees 3 * 20 reps

Another great Surf workout. The faster your get to your feet the better.

Surfer burpees can be an amazing full-body exercise that boosts your heart rate and improves strength, mobility, explosiveness, and flexibility. This exercise works all the majority muscle groups, and it’s one of the best calorie- burning moves you can do.


surf workout surf tranning

 3 Surf Workout – Push Ups 3* 15

The most traditional surf workout, good old basic pushup will never go out of time. This exercise engages your whole body, strengthening the core, aligning the spine and helps on shoulder control. When it comes to surfing, a strong upper body means faster pop-ups and easier duck dives, and it helps with shoulder injury prevention.


surf workout surf tranning


4 Surf Workout – Pull-ups 5 * 5 .

Paddling requires a pulling motion that activates your shoulders and back. Because of that, some surfers, especially beginners, will become exhausted after paddling across a set of big waves.

In short, for surfers that want to increase their paddling strength, the pull-up is the ultimate upper-body surf workout. Pull-ups play with your muscles in a way that’s similar to paddling, and they’re a fantastic way to increase the strength in your back and shoulders.


surf workout surf tranning

5 Surf Workout – PLANK 1 minute * 3 (1 m rest)

Finally, having a strong core is super important for anyone that wants to improve their surf skills. You might not realize it, but you’re using your core the very first moment you lay down on your surfboard.

As a result, the plank activates your core in a way that is very similar to balancing or standing up on your board. Next time you go to

pop-up, you will notice that you’re almost performing a plank on your surfboard.



surf workout surf tranning



In conclusion, adding some simple strengthening surf workouts to your daily routine is a great way to improve your overall health, while maintaining your surfing fitness on the days you can’t get out to the waves.