Beaches in Cascais

If Portugal is considered one of the best destinations in the world to visit, much of this reputation certainly comes from our beautiful beaches in Cascais.

If you are looking for a day at the beach near Lisbon, Cascais is probably your best option. Given its geographical nature, Cascais presents beaches facing different directions, which means that you will always find a beach that meets your desires, whether it be spending a quiet day with the family swimming in calm waters, or surf the beautiful waves of the our coast. So let’s talk about the best beaches in cascais and list their main qualities!

1 – Guincho Beach

The place we call home, and therefore the best beach in the world! (We are suspicious about that).
In fact Guincho is the biggest beach in cascais and when the stars line up it is a hard place to beat.

During the summer the north winds are predominant and due to the proximity to the mountains, it makes the beach quite windy especially after lunch. This makes Guincho a paradise for Kite and Wind Surfers but if you like to surf make sure to do your session or surf lesson ealier in the morning.

You can easily track the conditions for Guincho and other beaches in Cascais at Windguru website.

praia do guincho, surf school

2 – Crismina Beach


Crismina is the beach just next to Guincho. A little more rocky than the first, but also more sheltered from the north wind. On good days there are good waves for more experienced surfers.

The views to the natural park together with the clean Atlantic waters attract many people especially during the weekends. On a good day with light wind you will see why this beach is considered one of the best beaches in Cascais.


beaches in cascais  Praia da crismina

3 – Cascais Central Beaches

Just 5 minutes walk from the train station that to Lisbon we find 3 wonderful beaches in cascais, ideal for those who just want sunbathe and swim in calm waters.

You can choose “Praia da Rainha” (Queen’s beach), right in the center of Cascais, a small sandy beach with a rock that is quite protected from the wind.

Other options are “Praia da Conceição” or “Praia da Duquesa” two beaches next to each other, with plenty of restaurants, bars and activities such as stand up paddle.

 beaches in cascais

4 – São Pedro do Estoril

Located inside a bay and protected from the wind by the ravines, this beach is very popular with water sports lovers.

When there are big swells from the Atlantic (normally in the winter) there are 6 surf spots that work with different tides.
With good access by the underground passage for those arriving by train, this beach is one of the most popular on the Estoril line during the summer.

beaches in cascais

5 – Carcavelos Beach

 The most urban beach in cascais area, but also the one that has the best conditions for surfing, especially during the winter time. Being a big beach with several bars and restaurants nearby this is a very crowded beach during the summer months.

During the winter months is our favorite playground and where we give most of our surf lessons!


best beaches in cascais , Carcavelos beach